Saunas are imported and sold in South Africa by reputable agents. Infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as they are very economical to (15 min heating time), very effective with helping sports injuries, joint stiffness, stress, muscle spasms, circulation, cellulite, skin conditions, weight loss (burns 900+ calories in one 30 minute session) and excellent for home relaxation. Infra red is a safe way of simulating natural heating from the sun by using only the healthy rays and excluding ultra violet and other harmful rays. Ceramic emitters produce heat waves compatible with our bodies (which radiate 3 -50 microns, peaking at 9.4 microns) & penetrate body tissue up to 40mm, removing toxins.
Our Saunas

Saunas are easily assembled and dismantled allowing your sauna to move house with you and become part of the family. Standard features include ergonomic back rest, towel rail and cup shelf, ionisers, down lighters, reading lamp, CD player and light therapy. Our saunas are manufactured from Hemlock Fir in a natural wood colour which is low maintenance.

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About Luxury Spas

Luxury Spas and Saunas are based in The Bluff, Durban, however we service spas in the greater Durban area and sometimes even further.